Marketing & eCommerce Done Exceedingly Well.

Since 2002 Application Dynamics Inc. has served clients throughout the Northwest helping them meet and exceed their goals by fully utilizing the power of marketing and communications in our digital age. As parent company of we have also provided fast, easy, and powerful eCommerce functionality to web developers and designers the world over.

As of 2013 Application Dynamics Inc. ceased consulting operations and was acquired by a third party. The company continues to be the parent company of Cartweaver™ and For more information click the tabs below.

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Marketing & Consulting

As of 2013 Application Dynamics Consulting services ceased operations and was acquired by a third party. All former clients have been notified and were either referred to other companies or merged into the client base of the acquiring company.

If you are a former client of Application Dynamics Inc. and were not contacted, or have any questions feel free to EMAIL us, we will be happy to help you.


Released in 2002 Cartweaver quickly became the go-to solution for then Macromedia Dreamweaver users. The close relationship was continued after the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia. Cartweaver continued to keep pace with the rapidly changing world of eCommerce and web development through the releases of versions 1 through 3 supporting ASP, PHP and ColdFusion. ASP was eventually dropped as support for the platform diminished. Version 4 was released supporting ColdFusion and PHP and has served thousands of developers in over eleven countries.

What's next for Cartweaver™?

Application Dynamics maintains ownership and development of Cartweaver and is well along in the process of development and testing of the next generations of this popular eCommerce / shopping cart application.
Like the web itself, the focus of Cartweaver 5 has shifted from showing preference to one development API (Dreamweaver) and will be an exceptionally easy, mobile friendly, fully responsive, "drop in" eCommerce web site solution. CW5 will focus on the most widely supported of web development platforms PHP/MySQL, and will easily drop into the modern CSS framework of your choice.
For the latest information of CW5 go to:

Looking Forward To What's Next!

We would like to thank all the clients and customers that gave us the opportunity to serve them for over a decade. It was a privilege and a joy to touch so many lives and business throughout the Northwest, and across the globe. Although our consulting business has moved on, our development team is hard at work preparing the next great eCommerce application for web designers and developers everywhere.

Go to or to the Cartweaver Facebook Page to stay up to date with Cartweaver developments and release news!

If you have any questions or comments you'd like to send along please do so! We look forward to hearing from you. Email Us